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I woke up this morning to children playing in the streets, the hum of cars passing by, the sound of a jet above, and the over all workings of a modern society going through its every day routines. Once again, another viral end of the world prediction didn’t come to light.

Boy, my hole-in-the-wall blog definitely got a lot of attention during this week, though. I topped out at 89 hits in one day, and even 81 hits two days before. Absolutely crazy! I would like to thank everyone that visited, and even subscribed to this blog. Even a bigger thank you to those that posted my blog onto Digg, Reddit, and even Facebook.

So what does this mean, and what will happen next? My next prediction says that Harold Camping will apologize not to those people he had mistaken, but for his own personal misfortune of being wrong. I’m not sure if he will make another prediction or not, but if he gets the chance, I’m fairly sure he will squeeze one in before his death. As for Christians around the world who have mocked Camping and his followers, I want you to look a bit more introspectively. If you believe that the rapture will happen, then you’re not much farther than Camping and his followers. To mock and ridicule those people is to mock and ridicule a part of your beliefs, too. For those that are agnostic or atheistic and ridiculed Camping, then you’re doing nothing but kicking a dead horse. Best to leave the “I told you so” to yourself and use this as evidence that Christianity, and religion, can be false.

Now with 5/21/11 out of the way, expect to hear from end of the world believers again in 12/21/12; the Mayan end of the world believers.


May 21st Rapture

We are just ten days away from the supposed rapture that is suspected to take part according to Harold Camping of Family Talk radio. Through analyzing the bible, he selected May 21st, 2011 as the day of the Christian rapture, and October 21st as the day the world ends.

Do I believe any of this? Obviously not. Not only because I’m an atheist, but also that Camping has predicted the end of the world before (September 1994), and look at how accurate that came out. Not to mention the long list of other failed end of the world prophesies that have come to pass. A thorough list can be found on the Tacoma Atheists End of the World section.

What is going on? Well, Family Radio has been spending hundreds of thousands in advertising for their prediction. Rather than attempting to make the end more comfortable for others, they would rather instill fear in order to get their message out, and for people to follow like sheep.

What will happen? Probability, like always, states that his prediction will go completely unaccomplished and everyone will continue to live in their day to day lives without any disruptions; aside from Camping’s followers asking questions.

What will Camping do if his prediction fails? Do just like every other “prophet” and recreate yet another date, most likely another date that is well after his death.

What this little stunt only proves to me is that religion remains nothing more than emotional manipulation over the act of reasoning. Rather than doing something of real good for everyone who doesn’t know, or doesn’t want to believe, Camping and his followers use fear propaganda to twist the minds of others in order to give the illusion that they are doing good. I  have always seen this as being nothing more than an abusive parent thinking that the abuse will raise their child up straight, but in reality, is causing more problems with the child like rebellion, hate, and even emotional trauma (I grew up in an abusive household).

If Camping is right, what would I do? Well, since the rapture states that non-believers will be tossed into Hell, I accept this wholly. I have no fear of Hell and will put my humanly principals well before my physical well-being. I would refuse to explain myself to any God, but would be asking that God to explain Himself. If He can not come up with a reasonable answer for me, or refuses, and punishes me, then He is nothing more than a demon in my eyes and I do not wish to be in its company.

Welcome To the Ball and Cup Game

Imagine for one moment an entire floor of a hall filled to the edges with cups of all different sorts and colors. Now imagine if someone had told you that there is one ball in one of those thousands of cups, and if you find that ball, you then win an eternity of happiness. But, if you choose the wrong cup, there could be foul consequences. Also, you are unable to lift a cup up until your time has come.

This exact same game is played by the religious and non-religious all the time. Each person picking their own unique cup, but not knowing if that cup really contains the ball underneath it. One giant guessing game, with one giant question. Where is the ball?

Each cup, of course, represents a different religion. Each cup can even represent a whole different denomination, or even a whole church, too. Each player screams that their cup has the ball underneath it, but not a single player is wholly certain if it is or not. The worse part of the game, is that you must believe that your cup contains the ball for many, many years. No, you can’t pick up the cup and look underneath, all you can do is stare at the cup and learn about the story of the cup. You also have to judge whether or not that the stories of the cup are true or false, or just jump in blindly and follow the words passed down of the cup’s legacy.

Then there are the players that have at least one of those two burning questions. Is the ball even in a cup that is visible to everyone? Is there even a ball in a cup at all? In other words, do we even know the correct religion and God(s) at all, or does a God even exist?

Christianity has thousands of denominations all screaming they have the ball. Judaism and Islam scream they have the ball. Hindus, Buddhists, and Scientologists all scream they have the ball. Even ancient religions like Greek or Roman screamed that they have the ball. Each one of these groups claims a cup, yet can not directly prove that the ball is in their cup, because they themselves are also unable to lift the cup until their day has come.

Now you have all this information at your hands. Now you must stand and ask yourself, “am I really going to be choosing the right cup?” Now you must ask yourself, “should I switch cups?” Finally, the biggest question of them all, “does the ball even exist?”

Welcome to God’s game.

The sparking of my atheism

This isn’t the reason why I have chosen atheism as my “religion”, but rather some of the events that created a foundation to my future atheist ideas. Yes, this is a personal story, and this isn’t the last.

The first two things that created some of the strongest ideas against me being no longer in favor of religion, was watching zealous and greedy pastors, priests, and preachers. Now, I’ve never really been to church, but the zeal of the dogmatic was definitely stealing any form of trust I could ever have in an organized religion. I remember thinking about how going to church is a lot like trusting the church with your mind. When you go to church, you’re not only entrusting your soul to God and Jesus, but lending your physical mind to the person at the pulpit. When I started watching the greed of these pastors rise, when I started seeing them push to change peoples’ minds, push to tithe, and push to change American law, I found that I could no longer trust those at the pulpit, or even those that went to church. Soon, I was finding myself even looking down on those that did go to church.

The the third event that lead to my pursuit to atheist idea, and one of the most major events, was during my schooling years. While attending school,  I had gained many friends. Many of them were fun loving, amazing people that had a great heart for others but, when I reached high school, much of this had changed. The major church in my town had literally transformed the mind of the youth. The church was greedy through proselytizing, and tricked the minds of the youth, and my friends.  They had taken their fun loving hearts, found their weaknesses, and then exploited those weaknesses to the church’s benefit. I was no longer amongst friends, but rather drones sent from a force under the guise of Jesus. I remember many of those drones trying to get me to hang out with them. I knew it was a trap. I knew that if I were to join them, all they would do is try to get me into that church. I remember them trying to get me to join their youth group, and hearing so many tales from other students that were tricked into going. I think the most horrid thing that I remember the most, is how my old friends physically looked. Many had grown pale, their eyes no longer had a sparkle for life, and the feeling of chills would run up and down my spine as their mindless bodies passed by me; I hated them, I hated them all.

The final thing that lead me to my atheist ideas, was something a little more profound that I dislike and hate. It’s the fact that I can not trust my mind to mankind and popular thought. After a year or so passed after my high school years, I found myself questioning why I’ve looked down upon those that do go to church, and those that do believe in a religion. I soon found that I could not get over the fact that there is too much human influence within religion. The psychology of religion, is quite literally the psychology of all humanity. Each person strives for the community, yet will place themselves well above the community. When I look at the Bible, I see names, I see stories, and each name, and each story is individually told by one person. I soon found myself questioning how people could put so much faith in the individual stories of so many people. They don’t know who those people are, how they were raised, or even what their mind was like, yet everyone chooses to follow their word about a God and His son, and their own prophecies and personal experiences.

Now, none of the above explains why I deny the belief in a God, but rather why I have strayed away from organized religion, and religious belief. So many other things have lead to my preference choice, and I feel that there is so much more to learn and experience. I no longer look down upon those that do go to church, just those that are destructively dogmatic. I no longer hate any of my old friends, many have left that particular church for many different reasons. I have even found myself once again talking, and rekindling our friendships. I also now devout hours each week to learning something new about atheism, Christianity, and many other religions, and even the thought processes behind every religion. I want to learn more, I crave to learn more. The gray areas in life, moral law, and human thought have, and always will, fascinate me.