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This section is brand new, so please bear with me.

Q: Why do you attack just Christianity?

A: Christianity is what you might call my “specialty”. It’s the one religion that I have the most knowledge in. This doesn’t change the fact that I believe that God/s are a form of a coping mechanism, and have no value to society other than that emotional crutch. Even with Buddhism, I feel that resurrection is just a happy thought, and that finding enlightenment is not only an emotional mechanism, but also quite selfish.

Q: Why don’t you attack Muslims, huh!? Why aren’t atheist around when Muslims do something!?

A: Mainly refer to the above. My main goal is to attack and destroy any form of radicalism. This can be in the form of Christian, Jew, Muslim, or even my own fellow atheists. I don’t have any real preference to a single view-point and try to maintain my skepticism for every bit of knowledge. For the latter, I leave this response; why aren’t Christians around when Christians do something?

Q: What lead you to becoming an atheist?

Refer to this link, and this link

Q: Are you a gnostic atheist or a agnostic atheist?

If by “gnostic” you mean “fully knowing there is no God”, then no, not at all. I accept that carrying complete certainty over something that can’t be proven is foolish, and stating that I know every absolute does not grant me any wisdom.

Q: Why don’t you post often?

A: I have a life too, ya know. Not only that, but I’m relaxed in my atheism, and don’t feel the need to “get my word out”. I even enjoy video games a little too much sometimes.

Q: Can you advertise my site/blog?

A: Sure! I’ll give a quick look at it, and if I approve of the content, I’ll definitely link to you. Email: greateighthsin@gmail.com


Any further questions/comments can be sent to me via e-mail at: greateighthsin@gmail.com

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