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Happy Easter!

Gotta be a little quick with this post since our internet is being highly unstable today. Happy Easter to everyone! I’ll be spending the day with family, dinner, and chocolate ❤ Of course, no church for my parents and me. Unsure about the rest of my family, but I don't think they will be attending any services, either.

Probably the biggest question I've ever had, though. Why the heck does Easter chocolates always taste the best!? Even the cheaper chocolates!



Yes, I’m aware that I haven’t posted in almost a month. I’ve hit a bit of a slow spot. Not sure if this is a writer’s block or not, but basically I start a post and end up straying away from the topic because I have so much running through my mind all at once. I think I have my anti-depressants to blame for this. My depression keeps my thoughts occupied and helps me keep everything in line. When my depression goes down, my mind starts scrambling in multiple amounts of directions at the same time. So, this makes writing tough sometimes. I would love to not be on anti-depressants, but it is a must to control my handful of phobias that keep me locked up in my house.

Right now, I am working on a rebuttal towards an old classmate. I will be posting that onto here once I do finish my argument, but don’t expect it over night because of my writer’s block.

Further news, I have added a few more links onto the “links” page. I am also opening up my Skype name to the public for live messaging. Feel free to add: GreatEighthSin Finally, we’ve hit 700 hits on this site (yay?)

Why I Am An Atheist

The post “The Sparking of My Atheism” covered how I grew my fervency to fight against cult based religions, but it does not explain why I am an atheist today. Especially since I never grew up in a church. In other words, I never went to a church mass at all. This really gave me the opportunity to be on the outside of both positions and look inside.

My atheist thinking actually started very young. The only thing I knew of God, were the things that I saw on TV. Pastors, symbols, churches, and so on were always shown on TV, and were also around me in the world. I never did understand any point of it, nor did I have any curiosity for it. When I was about seven, we visited my aunt and I got my first introduction into Christianity. She read the story of Noah and the Ark. Yes, it was definitely a children’s book of the story, but it still involved God and Noah. I remember thinking that that story was completely separate from the Bible, and that it was in no way true, or even possible for that matter. The story was there just to teach a bit about God in a metaphorical sense.

When I finally hit the age of 12, I soon began to believe in God and Jesus. I prayed constantly. Mainly for myself the first few times, but I realized that I was being selfish and should be praying for others instead. I would pray and I would wait. Nothing would happen other than I would feel good for that hour or so. I would pray some more, I would feel good again, but nothing would happen once again. I really began to question my own self and was wondering if it was real. I was thinking that maybe if I joined a church, I would learn the proper way to pray so that I really could call on God to help others.

I was 15 when my first atheist experience happened. I found out that Noah and the Ark are in the bible and are considered to have actually happened. I also got the full gruesome details of the entire story. I could not believe this. I began to ask things like, “where did the water come from”, “why do we have plants if Noah only brought animals”, “how did Noah feed every animal”, “how did Noah get the animals from Antarctica”, “how did all those animals survive in that small of an area”, and my favorite, “how did all the animals survive after the water receded and there was no food on the ground?” The questions were a shock to my system, and I could not believe that Noah had actually existed unless there was more to the story that I didn’t know about.

Then, I hit the age of 17. My parents bought a small church and converted it into a wedding chapel. They also leased it out to different congregations. My dad even went online, payed $20, and became an ordained minister so that he could marry people. I took this opportunity to maybe sneak into a church session one day, but that idea started to crumble fast. Many of the pastors that were renting from my parents were very, very rude. They let their followers destroy our building, and they refused to even help pay for the damages, especially since they knew my parents ran their business and livelihood through it. I was also stumbling on the pastors’ finances every now and then, and seeing how much money they were pulling in from tithes and offerings. My parents were renting the building for relatively cheap, and these pastors were raking in thousands a week. Not a single one of these pastors had any community projects or offered their tithes to their own congregates who were in need. One pastor even outright stated that “church is a business”. I really began to lose faith in there being a church that could help me.

After this, I soon took on my mother’s agnostic approach of,  “if there is a God, I’ll just answer to Him. If not, then I guess I answer to nobody.” This thought process continued for quite a few years. Well, until I got a girlfriend that was very much into debating things like family life, politics, and even religion. We used to stay up for hours debating religion. She was also agnostic, but more of a spiritual agnostic that believed in ghosts and reincarnation (don’t get me started on that hypocrisy). Our main topics were definitely towards Mormonism and the blatant idiocy and attention seeking of Joseph Smith. Mainly because her family attended a Mormon church for a few months. It was also very interesting hearing her tales of Sunday teaching during mass. These conversations did keep me questioning though, and I was thirsty for answers.

I finally hit the age of 23. At this point, my girlfriend and I had split for the third, and nearly final time, and I was back to being an agnostic with questions. About a year passed, and one night, while surfing the internet, I ran across a BlogTV conversation with LovingDoubt and DannyPantsGM. Both of these two are Youtube atheists, and are great people. As I sat and listened to their stories, everything began to unravel and finally make sense. The cultish drive on my town’s church proved to me that not everything in greed is based on silver and gold. You can be greedy for popularity, too. Everything I questioned with the story of Noah was completely accurate and showed that the story is taken literally by many, but it is completely unprovable. Pastors are greedy and rude, and the majority of them do steal from their offerings and leave little remorse to anyone outside of their congregation. Now, I had found my solid ground to outright declare myself as an atheist. Not a solid professional atheist, but an atheist at the least.

I now sit at the age of 25. I have debated with many believers, and have immersed myself in with the non-believers. I have read many parts of the bible, and have heard many parts that atheists argue with. I have also immersed myself into science, which is something I have always wanted to do as a kid, and am now learning far more than what I have in all my years of schooling.

I have finally come to this conclusion. God did not create man, man created God. Man has created God and Gods in an attempt to personify the universe, but in reality, the universe is not a person, but an uncaring thing. Gods have also been used as nothing more than a crutch to explain the bad things that happen to them because of nature, and have also been used as a crutch to enlighten the good things that happen. Humanity is only allowing their minds to fool itself with the ideology of a God. Science brings the facts of our known nature to the mind, whereas religion only brings raw emotion to a person, calls it “faith”, and then proceeds to label it as fact. Fact is something that is both provable, and is replicable. Religion, in all it’s thousands of years, has yet to prove that a God does exist, or that even it’s most fundamental foundation, the spirit, exists.

Picture of the July Moon

Thought I’d take some time and post a pic that I took in July. I am a huge astronomy buff and decided to take out our telescope one night to see if I can do some photography through the lens. Of course, that doesn’t work well unless you pay the $2,000+ for the photography equipment. But with obstacles aside, I do think this photo turned out well. Enjoy.

“The Great Eighth Sin”

One of the most common questions I receive is how I came up with my username, and if it means anything special. Truthfully, it does, and is something I do hold closely and believe in. No, you’re not going to Hell just because you commit against the “eighth sin”. That’s just silly since Hell doesn’t exist. Instead, it is a form of personal philosophy that derives from the philosophical and ethical value of the seven deadly sins.

Just like the three little pigs teaches us to always out smart our opponents until they eventually give up, so to does the bible actually hold stories that contain morals for us to use. Though the “seven deadly sins” do not carry moral all by themselves, once analyzed they can contain an ideology that when we commit against the “sins”, we not only harm ourselves, but those around you.

Wrath – It’s not hard to see the connection on how wrath is not only both destructive to yourself, but another person. If your anger is left unchecked, it can lead to a confrontation that can easily become violent. Many times, this violence is not only aimed at the other person, but also at your own frustrations and lack of patience.

Pride – Pride is a strong emotion. It can leave you feeling better than others. If you let this feeling run rampant, you can bet that you will anger others and inevitably lead to wrathful intentions of both parties. Pride can also cloud your mind and make you not see the forest from the trees.

Envy – Jealousy can be dangerous. You can be envious of almost anything in this world. If someone has something that you don’t, no matter what it is, and you want that, it can lead to you stealing or breaking off in confrontations.

Sloth – Sloth can be troublesome. Not only are you not working as hard as others and endangering your health doing so, but others can become envious of how little you’re working compared to them, and we know where envy can lead to.

Gluttony – Being gluttonous isn’t such a bad thing in western society. Generally there’s plenty of food to go around, but if your household is unable to afford groceries, gluttony can be very troublesome. You can eat your household out and leave nothing for others. Other people can then become envious of how much you’re engorging yourself, and since gluttony is often coupled with sloth, you can only imagine how frustrating it can be.

Greed – As the great Capt. Jack Sparrow said, “not all treasures are silver and gold, mate”. Greed comes in so many forms. You can not only become greedy for things like money, but you can also become greedy for things like acceptance, love, and even physical objects like video games, or time on the computer. Greed is very self destructive and is also very destructive to those around you. Especially if those around you are less fortunate.

Lust – In my opinion, lust really isn’t that bad until it is left to become an unhealthy mental obsession. Lust can get to breaking points of rape, or to the point where you’re driving someone who you have a strong attraction for into frustration. General attraction is obviously fine, but don’t get pushy, greedy, or envious.

So now that we’ve covered the “seven deadly sins” and have a better understanding, you’re probably wondering what the “great eighth sin” is. Well, growing up, I found people abusing every “sin” mentioned above, yet didn’t care. I even lived in a household where each “sin” was broken by one girl every single day. I soon found that people not only didn’t care that they were harming others, but were in complete denial that they were harming others. To deny that you are harming not only yourself, but others around you is truly something that can leave everyone infuriated, and to be in this environment is to be surrounded by a literal hell, especially when those people are supposed to love you. This is why not only the “seven deadly sins”, but the “eighth sin” has been adopted into my personal philosophy.

I also throw in a bonus from above. I have also encountered the “ninth sin”. The girl I mentioned above is proof that the “ninth sin” is very troublesome and dangerous, too. After confronting her, I finally got her to stop denying that her actions were affecting others, but once she finally understood, she ended up not caring at all. She became very apathetic to what she was doing and how it was literally destroying her entire household. I soon left that house and gave up everything I was working towards.

“Atheists don’t believe anything!”

This statement in the title is actually amazingly false. Atheists have an awe filled diversity in beliefs, and can range from spirituality to a complete non-believer. I not only call myself an atheist, but I have also been considering on calling myself a humanist, too.

As I have discussed before, the term “atheism” literally breaks down to “without [a] God”. Basically, you can believe anything that you want and still be considered an atheist. The only thing that you can not believe in to be considered an atheist, is a God, Gods, or a governing being. I have met atheists that do believe in ghosts and spirits. I have also met atheists who still believe that there is a heaven, they just believe that no God or man governs this heaven or earth. I tend to call these people “spiritual atheists”. Although I do not agree with them and still call it all a form of imagination, I still respect that they have a belief and are not forcing it onto others. Furthermore, Buddhists and the new up and coming LaVeyan Satanists are considered forms of atheism.

Personally, as an atheist and possible humanist, I believe that humanity is born an almost blank slate. We learn about our surroundings as we grow, and this includes all of our social interactions and beliefs. The only things that we are born knowing, are almost automatic. Things like suckling, and other slight mechanical processes like moving our limbs. I also believe that we are born with a very vague subconscious understanding of our gender, personality, and sexual attraction, and as we grow into society, these are things that we attach as our identities and they grow with us, too. Does this mean that we can change people by changing how they’re raised? Of course, but you will not achieve exact results each time because people do naturally perceive events differently, and do not follow the same paths in life.

Go to Hell! Do Not Pass Go, Do Not Collect $200!

Being an atheist, this is one of the most humorous and futile threats to ever cross my path. “You’re going to Hell” is said to me at least once a week on the internet on one of my many sites that I visit. The thing about this threat, is that I, and many other atheists, are not even remotely threatened by Hell.

Hell was the one of the pivoting points on my journey to being an atheist. At one time, the concept of Hell did frighten me enough to continue to believe in God. The thing is, though, I learned quickly that it was only a fear tactic meant to drag you into continuing to believe in their ways. It’s essentially that “hook, line, and sinker” the church uses to maintain and heard it’s “flock”, but Hell tends to loose it’s validity when it is fully analyzed.

Any believer in the Abrahamic God will tell you that their God “loves” you. The problem, though, is that with God supporting one hell of a place like Hell, you really have to question this undying “love”. In society, if you murder, steal, or do anything that society deems “wrong”, you are sent to prison. After you serve your prison term, and possibly pay a few fines, you have the wonderful opportunity to pick up where you left off, and continue on your path of life. In God’s eyes, you don’t get this wonderful opportunity to redeem yourself. You say one foul thing against Him, and you’re festering, boiling, and writhing in an eternal torment with no end in sight. Is this truly a fair, just, and loving God? No. This is a foul, spoiled brat demon king.

Not only do we have this foul, spoiled brat demon king, but we also have His puppet, the prince of darkness himself. Yes, Satan is truly the puppet to God. At any point in time, God could destroy Satan with one all-mighty blow, yet He chooses not to. Why does a “loving” God choose to keep such an evil being by His side? In all reality, when God chose to keep Satan around as some form of pet, He ultimately gave up all validity of being truly “good”.

Ultimately, threatening an atheist with Hell, is like threatening a wall with a menacing glare. I, and many atheists, stopped believing in Hell long before we stopped believing in any God. The threats of Hell only prove to me one thing, that the whole concept of God, Heaven, and Hell are completely flawed, and this flaw only furthers the proof that man is the creator of God. The threats also prove that, if Hell does exist, we will be seeing you and your arrogant prideful wrath down there with us.