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This little blog is ran and operated by a 25 year old from the greater Puget Sound area of Washington state. I have personally been a declared atheist for roughly two years now. I have had personal experience with belief, both Christian, and non-Christian. I grew up in a non-religious household with an agnostic mother, and deist father, but I did believe in Jesus, God, and the works. Later in life, I found myself looking on the outside in, and did not like what I was seeing. I soon battled with myself, and ultimately found the final truth to life, nature, and the universe; we are only allowing our minds to fool ourselves.

This blog has been created to help not only atheists, but misguided Christians and other religious people. It’s ultimate goal is to not tease, make fun of, or bash on other religions or their people, but to rather open the doors of thought for those that I feel have the strength to conquer the hypocrisy and power that many churches have shrouded themselves in. People are free to believe in what they want, but they must do so as they personally say; that is my main belief. The secondary goal, is to be an open forum of ideas for fellow atheists to share their minds. Rather than be a metaphor for a church, this blog will be a public wall where people can give ideas, take ideas, or leave them be.

If you’re curious on where I conceived my blog name and user name, click here
If you’re more curious on my path to atheism, click here

If you have any questions, comments, or more, please e-mail: GreatEighthSin@gmail.com

Thank you!

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