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My last post here

As time moves on, people change. My interests have changed greatly in the past 3 months. I no longer feel the need to talk about atheism and religion. I constantly run into the exact same arguments made from both sides and I’ve come to be bored of the debate. The funniest thing is, neither side is correct since neither side can prove anything until death.

I’m living my life now. My atheism has become an every day thing and is nothing special to me any more. No, I obviously won’t switch to religion to make things feel special, especially since I am pretty positive that there is no god or gods. My own personal quest for happiness has begun. My days of depression, fear, and thoughts of suicide are lifting and giving me a more hope for accomplishment that doesn’t revolve around me curling up in a ball in my room hoping that things will just get better on their own and that time will fix everything. Life doesn’t work that way; whether you believe in a deity or not. The only thing that exists for sure is myself at this moment, nothing else. I am now dedicating my energy into living my life first and helping those around me as best as I can. I finally have a chance to do for myself and I’m not going to look back, especially since I know that every bit that I help myself, I help others along, too. We’re all connected in this world, some greater than others, and I want to be one of the great ones.

I have started up another blog. This one is both personal and follows my road to recovery from my depression and phobias. If you’re interested, please visit: http://chroniclesofphobia.wordpress.com

Thanks for visiting ~ David “Greateighthsin”


4 Responses

  1. So this is your last post! Allow me to talk about some God stuff. I can’t convince you, but for me my personal experiences proves there is a God and/or a world beyond ours. Have you ever had a Time/Space event that was totally beyond reason? These are normally called psychic events but I hate that term because it has become so loaded. Have you ever had a precognitive Dream(another personal experience)?

    Also science and religion has beat up on this last topic because each SIDE wanted dominion. Since they couldn’t tolerate another point of view they each sought there own means to discredit and disavow it. Have you ever had an Astrology Birth chart done for yourself. This would have to be done by a very experienced Astrologer. If this seems like such a ridiculous idea many people have bought into what science and religion tell them about astrology without their own proper investigation. Astrology is not the 10 cents of advice in the news paper. It is also not the planets telling people what to do. Instead it is a very accurate mirror and portrait of our personalities. Also it’s more psychology than fortune-telling. Many psychologists make determinations based upon the patients birth chart. Carl Jung himself used Astrology.


    Also the idea of Reincarnation makes the world much more sensible and completes a picture in interconnectedness and Wholeness.

    If I’ve come across as to arrogant, I apologize. In ending I should point out that I don’t really believe in mysticism or miracles, I just believe that there is a lot that we don’t know yet.

    There are no unnatural or supernatural phenomena, only very large gaps in our knowledge of what is natural.
    Edgar Mitchell
    Apollo 14 Astronaut


    • No, you didn’t come off as arrogant at all. No idea why you even thought that, really. Yes, I have had a precognitive dreams, or “deja vu” as many like to call it. The only problem with those, is that it is generally one insignificant sound byte to the whole dream. Many times, they’re not exact, either. I have extremely vivid dreams that I am able to remember quite well. Every time a “deja vu” would happen in real life, certain elements were either off, or too unclear from the dream to reality (fuzzy images, fuzzy sounds, lack of touch, so on).

      It is not science or religion that want dominion, it is the people that intertwine their personal emotions into science or religion that want dominion. At their core, science and religion are completely incompatible. Not only does each tell a different tale of creation, but science does not use faith or emotion as evidence. Things have to be proven to the absolute before they are considered to be true. With religion, any one person can claim anything simply because they feel it is true and others will believe them using those same emotions. This is why there are 33,000+ denominations of Christianity and over 2,500 different gods out there. Every religion holds the same amount of weight and probability as the next, and ultimately end up as nothing more than a hypothesis, and never theory until the individual’s death.

      As for astrology, Carl Sagan pointed it out best. If a pair of twins are born on the same day, same sign, same planetary alignment, how can those two twins have completely opposite days? I have twin nieces. Today, one stayed home grounded with no TV, video games, electronics, or friends. She did not have any fun at all. Yet, her sister, went to two different birthday parties and is now at the roller skating rink having a blast with friends. How can this great difference exist if everything is governed by our closest rocky and gaseous neighbors? Especially with little regard to the asteroid belt, Kuiper Belt, the Oort Cloud, any any other comet or space debris in the area.

      The last thing that humanity needs is to replace work and study with emotionally driven imagination and assumptions. Doing so, creates divisions in both thought and societies. Both sides want to leap up and proclaim that they’re right, even if it means shedding blood. The worse part of it, is that they can not back any of their claims up except through their good feelings. It’s no different than watching two people argue when both people are “right” and neither is “wrong”. Until the argument is proven for one side, both parties are immediately wrong and must provide the evidence that they are, indeed, correct. This is what science does, it provides the evidence without including emotional bias (except by those that throw in the emotion, but they are wrong). Science needs to be less human in order to understand humanity and how humanity came to be.

      Cpt. Mitchell hit it right on the head. To claim that anything is supernatural, paranormal, or unnatural is like trying to claim that we don’t breathe anything at all. Everything is natural, nothing can be above it, or below it. The nature of nature is simply nature. To fill the unknown gaps of nature with assumptions and superstitions is to draw yourself away from reality, and make the truth to reality more painful to accept.

      I’m ready for any truth that lies out there, but are you?

      Thanks for reading 🙂

  2. COngrats! Will follow you at your new blog!

    • Thanks, Jen! Your support means a lot to me 🙂

      I still need to buy your book, lol. I especially want to get it and hopefully pass it on to my family. I tried looking for it in our libraries, but no luck… Only two books on humanism in the puget sound area of Washington. Not too pleased with that one, lol.

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