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My last post here

As time moves on, people change. My interests have changed greatly in the past 3 months. I no longer feel the need to talk about atheism and religion. I constantly run into the exact same arguments made from both sides and I’ve come to be bored of the debate. The funniest thing is, neither side is correct since neither side can prove anything until death.

I’m living my life now. My atheism has become an every day thing and is nothing special to me any more. No, I obviously won’t switch to religion to make things feel special, especially since I am pretty positive that there is no god or gods. My own personal quest for happiness has begun. My days of depression, fear, and thoughts of suicide are lifting and giving me a more hope for accomplishment that doesn’t revolve around me curling up in a ball in my room hoping that things will just get better on their own and that time will fix everything. Life doesn’t work that way; whether you believe in a deity or not. The only thing that exists for sure is myself at this moment, nothing else. I am now dedicating my energy into living my life first and helping those around me as best as I can. I finally have a chance to do for myself and I’m not going to look back, especially since I know that every bit that I help myself, I help others along, too. We’re all connected in this world, some greater than others, and I want to be one of the great ones.

I have started up another blog. This one is both personal and follows my road to recovery from my depression and phobias. If you’re interested, please visit: http://chroniclesofphobia.wordpress.com

Thanks for visiting ~ David “Greateighthsin”