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Phew, it’s been a while, but here it goes.

Why do I debate faith and engage against the theist community? Simple, I want to study people. Religious people are one of the most dynamic people out there that subscribe to one group and maintain a unified group. You can see the same in politics, but you will also see a lot more division on bigger issues. You do not always see that division when it come to the religious. Once they stick to that denomination of their faith, they tune themselves  to the harmony of that group. I then like to study and research how that group then interacts with the rest of society.

By debating with my atheism, I can bring out the emotions of that person and ultimately unravel their whole selves and their ideologies of the world. If I directly attack their a portion of their religion, most will immediately take it as a personal threat and defend not only their religion, but also themselves. Then, the exact same result if I praise their religion. This shows me how passionate someone can be with their beliefs, and the more passionate they are with their beliefs, the more they strive to interact with society; ultimately adding whole new twists and turns to the future of society.

The one thing that I do find disturbing with belief and faith, is that it is solely dependent on emotion. It’s the difference between feeling you’re right, and knowing you’re right. If you feel that you’re right, your feelings can generally be manipulated, controlled, or even flat out false. To know that you’re right, means that you have analyzed everything in that area and, even if it goes against your own feelings, can know that what you’re doing or what you believe in is both right and true.


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