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“Hate the sin, not the sinner”

In the comment section on a popular website, I got screamed at the fact that “God hates the sin, not the sinner”. The subject at hand took place using homosexuality as a foothold for this declaration so, I will be continuing using homosexuality for the base of this discussion. In the post, there is a picture of a billboard that says, “contrary to popular belief, I don’t hate anyone who’s gay. -God”. Sadly, this is completely false when put to the logic of what God is, and what He creates. Of course, when I called out that this was false, every Christian on the website demanded proof from me. They asked for it, and here it is.

In Leviticus 20:13, God calls for the slaying of any man that is gay. Not only does He call for their death, He also blames them for their own deaths, but that’s a bit of a different story. Now, tell me of any human being that would put a gay man to his death without instilled hatred running through his emotions? There would not be one. Any rational human being would not raise a hand to another person without the use of blind hatred. I need only to point my finger at radical Muslim groups in the east for the perfect example. Now, it should not take you long to ask where that hatred comes from. Does it come from their own self, Satan, or God? Well, from a non-religious stand point, it does come from your own self, but we’re using most religious logic here, so this does not apply. Many  religious groups will state that all human actions are  either governed, or over looked, by either of the omnipresent beings. So, this leaves the finger pointed at the devil himself, correct? Actually, not even close. Satan is nothing more than a mere puppet to the hands of God (Go to Hell!…). God only needs to wave His omnipotent hand and cast away Satan in one quick swoop. If even that, actually. So, with self not being an option, and Satan being nothing more than a quick bother to God, this leaves the full blame upon the one with all the governing power of creation and destruction.

It may be said that God hates the sin, but not the sinner, but it is false beyond belief. Is it not God that has predetermined all of our lives? Is it not God that allows the actions of His demonic puppet? So, is it not God that created the hatred in the man that will slain the gay man, and isn’t it God that continues to allow the man to hate the other gay man to the point where He calls for that gay man’s death? In society and modern law, do we not punish the man who hired the murderer more harshly than the man that did the actual murder?

One great example that I can use, is one that I can hit home with. Let’s say your child broke your neighbor’s window and was caught. Yes, your child knew better, and has been told not to break windows, but has anyway. Wouldn’t the neighbor come to you first with the child in hand? Why is this? It’s because even though your child is independent from you, you are still the governing authority of that child, and hold as much accountability for that window as the child does; even more so if you knew that the child would break that window before hand.

To say “God hates the sin, and not the sinner”, is nothing more than the usual act of handing God a “get out of jail free card”. He already has far too many of those cards, and continues to receive them more and more each and every day. Religion is fallible in every sense. Especially when held to the ethical standards that modern society has on itself today. No thief, rapist, pedophile, or murderer should ever go unpunished. Yet, it’s blatantly obvious that America frequently lets one loose in their minds in order to justify their world view.


One Response

  1. Regardless of how God feels (granting for the moment that he exists), the behaviour of the actual people who trot out the “love the sinner” line indicates that they are less than sincere.

    In particular, their willingness to deprive gay couples of rights suggests that they feel something less than love. If they truly respected their gay peers they would accept that whatever their feelings on “sin”, coercive tactics are not consistent with love. They would be forced to draw the line at advocating for the lifestyle they feel is appropriate but not trying to enforce it through legislation.

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