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Welcome To the Ball and Cup Game

Imagine for one moment an entire floor of a hall filled to the edges with cups of all different sorts and colors. Now imagine if someone had told you that there is one ball in one of those thousands of cups, and if you find that ball, you then win an eternity of happiness. But, if you choose the wrong cup, there could be foul consequences. Also, you are unable to lift a cup up until your time has come.

This exact same game is played by the religious and non-religious all the time. Each person picking their own unique cup, but not knowing if that cup really contains the ball underneath it. One giant guessing game, with one giant question. Where is the ball?

Each cup, of course, represents a different religion. Each cup can even represent a whole different denomination, or even a whole church, too. Each player screams that their cup has the ball underneath it, but not a single player is wholly certain if it is or not. The worse part of the game, is that you must believe that your cup contains the ball for many, many years. No, you can’t pick up the cup and look underneath, all you can do is stare at the cup and learn about the story of the cup. You also have to judge whether or not that the stories of the cup are true or false, or just jump in blindly and follow the words passed down of the cup’s legacy.

Then there are the players that have at least one of those two burning questions. Is the ball even in a cup that is visible to everyone? Is there even a ball in a cup at all? In other words, do we even know the correct religion and God(s) at all, or does a God even exist?

Christianity has thousands of denominations all screaming they have the ball. Judaism and Islam scream they have the ball. Hindus, Buddhists, and Scientologists all scream they have the ball. Even ancient religions like Greek or Roman screamed that they have the ball. Each one of these groups claims a cup, yet can not directly prove that the ball is in their cup, because they themselves are also unable to lift the cup until their day has come.

Now you have all this information at your hands. Now you must stand and ask yourself, “am I really going to be choosing the right cup?” Now you must ask yourself, “should I switch cups?” Finally, the biggest question of them all, “does the ball even exist?”

Welcome to God’s game.


2 Responses

  1. how are you I was fortunate to seek your topic in wordpress
    your post is fine
    I get a lot in your blog really thank your very much
    btw the theme of you site is really admirable
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    • The theme itself is one of the basics that WordPress offers and is called “Digg 3 Column”. I personally designed the banner myself, though.

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