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“In God We Trust” – A National Punchline

Many American atheists will grit their teeth and scowl at this one saying that is so proudly displayed onto our national currency. I do not blame them, but I do find their hate completely misplaced. You see, this one saying on every bit of currency is in reality, a great matter of ridicule once put to it’s artistic view.

“In God We Trust” is something that this nation’s Christians feel is directly implied to them in some metaphorical sense. The only problem is, “we” is never defined except by that implied metaphor. Rather than putting, “In God America Trusts”, or “In God The People Trust”, it leaves a vague sense of wonder with what the word “we” really means.

The term “we” can mean a multitude of things. Not only can this be applied a group of people, it can also be applied to a personified group of things. So, is it really, “In God We, the American People, Trust”, or is it “In God We, the American Currency, Trust”? Since this statement is printed and stamped into every bit of American currency, I can easily proclaim that it is the latter of the two.

Rather than tossing out this term from our currency simply because it vaguely states in a unanimous metaphorical sense that America puts it’s trust in God, I say leave it with it’s vague sense that we do not know what “we” implies. In all reality, the statement did not show up until 1864, and therefor can not be used to state that America is a Christian nation. Even then, we still don’t even know which “God” the statement is referring to, either. This one statement that is seen daily is nothing more than what it truly is, a giant national punchline filled with laughter.


One Response

  1. I rarely use cash, so I grit my teeth in response to the printed nonsense much less then I would if I did. So my only peace is that the government has not yet spoiled my plastic.

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