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*Access Denied*

Nephilimfree's channelI’m am finding an infuriating pattern amongst Christians on the internet. There is no way to talk and debate with them, even though they insist on shining into the public eye. I recently entered a Christian debate chat room and was instantly blocked from the room. I came back under a different screen name and began to watch the chat. The chat consisted of nothing but “praise Jesus” this, “praise the the Lord” that, “let’s all join in prayer and sing”, and further non-substance inanities. I soon began to try to initiate a debate into the chat to actually have the chat gain some form of substance. In the end, though, It took less than five minutes for me to be banned once again.

I have also been recently trying to debate Christians on Youtube. Again, I am having complications with this. Nephilimfree or ShockofGod are an obvious instant block if you try to debate them, but I am finding that this trend is spreading fast. I have been pretty much calling the tactics the “one hit wonder”. Basically, I comment once, they comment back with their rebuttal, but once I go to respond to the rebuttal, I find that I am blocked. Another problem that I am finding is comment moderation. It’s as if the Christian only wants to display those comments that praise them, and not taking the risk of actually debating and proving themselves correct, or possibly even wrong.

I find this quite alarming, and quite humorous at the same time. I find it alarming for the fact that they are blocking themselves off from the world and gaining influence by still instilling hateful stereotypes and false information, but I also find it humorous because it is proof that we atheists have them on the run. Furthermore, I find this as proof of “God’s love” and how God truly “embraces us all”. It seems as though they take on the “hear no evil, see no evil, and speak no evil” to whole new extremes where every bit of sensory data is completely dammed up. “Do unto others as you would have others do unto you”, correct? So, apparently since these people want to block others, they too want to be blocked. I am once again debating on sticking my mug onto Youtube finally. Once I do, the favor will always be returned.


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