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Would the World be Better?

A big question that I run across constantly is if the world would truly be better off without religion. Not only do atheists ask this, but so do theists (generally as a form of challenge). It is definitely a valid question, and contains a very complicated answer.

The first big thing to come to mind, as it was probably yours too, is if ending religion would end hate? Truthfully, getting rid of religion would not end hate or even correct the world’s politics. Yes, it would make an impact in lessening hate, but people generally flock into like-minded groups, and many of these groups do instill hatred. It doesn’t take long to find many groups that do not use religion as a form of hatred. Political, gender, and conspiracy theorist type groups are well known to drive hate without the use of religion. Hate will continue to exist as long as there are options out there to drive hatred.

The one big thing that religion does hinder, though, is science and social growth. Ideas like the world flooding with water that’s dropped in enormous amounts through the sky while some 600 year old guy is filling a small boat with the world’s animals, or entire rivers splitting at the will of a man only to swallow their enemy in the end, or even a man coming back to life after death are ideas that go greatly against the rules we know of the natural world, and what science knows. Religion has, and still is, a huge hinder to the progressive growth of science and human thinking. Each religion jumps up and screams that their ideas of the supernatural are “real” and “the truth”, but show absolutely no evidence that it has happened, or is true. The problem is, some of these people become so fervent in their beliefs, they not only shut out reality, they seek to destroy anything that says otherwise, including human beings.

Religious idea is only a small possibility out of billions on how this world came to be. For all we know, we could have been created from the intestinal expulsion of gas from some fat guy eating popcorn at the movie theater. To fervently pursue religious thought as ultimate truth can not only be foolish and self-destructive, but it can even hinder and damage the growth of humanity if you force your way of thinking onto others. Allow others to think differently than your own self, and let them live their own lives as they have let you live your own. Well, unless you truly do not want yourself and others to live in a world of technological advancements like entertainment, or even better growth in their health and well being. Then again, would you even have the right to strip another human being of this life if they had truly wanted it?


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