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Ninja Proslytizing: The Way of the Child

One of the most amazing questions that I see atheists ask is why the church pushes having children so much. Well, the answer truly isn’t that hard to find if you think about it. In fact, I’m surprised Christians have not become enlightened of this, too.

With the Pope and Christians screaming against the use of contraception and abortion, you’ve got to think that maybe there’s more to the history of it besides them calling “murder”. Historically, men used to take pride in having as many children as possible, especially sons. This is very true for the days that the Bible was pieced together. Now, in western society, this isn’t very true at all. So, why is bearing children still pushed by religious leaders?

It doesn’t take long for someone to realize that having children is the best way to secure a future. A child can benefit their parents genetically, they can benefit societal growth, and they can benefit a financial future for corporations, governments, and even religious sects. Yes, that last one hit it right on the nail. A child is the perfect way for the church to secure itself financially. A child born within the church generally stays in the church. They spread “the word” of the church, and then empty their pockets into the tithes and offerings which then the church doesn’t have hold any form of necessary accountability to it’s gained income.

Now, I know that not every church practices this, but I will definitely point my finger to the hierarchy of the Catholic church. I would not be surprised if this has been a practice that has gone on since the days of middle ages. How else could a church afford gigantic megaliths, gold crowns, and private jets?


4 Responses

  1. Actually, the Catholic Church opperates on a budget of about $250 million a year; with over 1 billion members, this number is VERY small compared to, say, the state of GA or New York.

    • $250 million that they will disclose. Remember, any and all church organizations do not have to report their earnings to nobody.

      The Catholic church has a modern history of building large megachurch sized cathedrals in impoverished towns. Specifically in South America and middle Africa. Yet, the towns still live in poverty.

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    • Thank you very much. Glad people are enjoying it, especially people all the way around the world 😀

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