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“Atheists don’t believe anything!”

This statement in the title is actually amazingly false. Atheists have an awe filled diversity in beliefs, and can range from spirituality to a complete non-believer. I not only call myself an atheist, but I have also been considering on calling myself a humanist, too.

As I have discussed before, the term “atheism” literally breaks down to “without [a] God”. Basically, you can believe anything that you want and still be considered an atheist. The only thing that you can not believe in to be considered an atheist, is a God, Gods, or a governing being. I have met atheists that do believe in ghosts and spirits. I have also met atheists who still believe that there is a heaven, they just believe that no God or man governs this heaven or earth. I tend to call these people “spiritual atheists”. Although I do not agree with them and still call it all a form of imagination, I still respect that they have a belief and are not forcing it onto others. Furthermore, Buddhists and the new up and coming LaVeyan Satanists are considered forms of atheism.

Personally, as an atheist and possible humanist, I believe that humanity is born an almost blank slate. We learn about our surroundings as we grow, and this includes all of our social interactions and beliefs. The only things that we are born knowing, are almost automatic. Things like suckling, and other slight mechanical processes like moving our limbs. I also believe that we are born with a very vague subconscious understanding of our gender, personality, and sexual attraction, and as we grow into society, these are things that we attach as our identities and they grow with us, too. Does this mean that we can change people by changing how they’re raised? Of course, but you will not achieve exact results each time because people do naturally perceive events differently, and do not follow the same paths in life.


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