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The pope is reich!


<picture temporarily down>

Yes, the pope is right! Atheists are Nazis! Well, if you count ancestry as a form of actually belonging to a certain group. You see, my Grandma was part of the Nazi party, and my great uncle was a Nazi soldier that went missing in action in Russia. Have any of their ideals ever been passed down to me? Well, if you count me calling my grandma a “bat shit crazy bigot” right to her face when I was only 12 as carrying the Nazi ideologies, then I guess.

You see, it is impossible for me to follow any form of Nazi ideologies. I am intolerable to intolerance, and I understand that we need as much of a diverse genetic background as humanly possible in order to survive and help our offspring’s bodies. So, to “hate” another group simply because they either exist, or because of their history is something I can’t bring myself to do, unless it was something truly foul they have personally done. The idea of “white supremacy”, especially the blond hair, blue eyes type, is a complete genetic failure, and is something I would never support, either. Both blond hair and blue eyes are not dominant genes and are difficult to pass on to your offspring, and the more localized a history of a genetic background is, the more susceptible the chance for either deformities or weakness in immunity. In other words, the more we mix our genetic pool with other races, the stronger the human race’s possibilities are in surviving.

Granted, if I were truly a Nazi, I would have to kill my own self. I do have a Jewish background, too. Mix that in with a bit of Russian, English, and being American born and you’ve got a walking world war. In the end, this is nothing more than another stereotype tactic that the church uses, and it all comes from a man that participated in the Hitler youth program.

*Yes, that is a picture of my great uncle before his disappearance.


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