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Go to Hell! Do Not Pass Go, Do Not Collect $200!

Being an atheist, this is one of the most humorous and futile threats to ever cross my path. “You’re going to Hell” is said to me at least once a week on the internet on one of my many sites that I visit. The thing about this threat, is that I, and many other atheists, are not even remotely threatened by Hell.

Hell was the one of the pivoting points on my journey to being an atheist. At one time, the concept of Hell did frighten me enough to continue to believe in God. The thing is, though, I learned quickly that it was only a fear tactic meant to drag you into continuing to believe in their ways. It’s essentially that “hook, line, and sinker” the church uses to maintain and heard it’s “flock”, but Hell tends to loose it’s validity when it is fully analyzed.

Any believer in the Abrahamic God will tell you that their God “loves” you. The problem, though, is that with God supporting one hell of a place like Hell, you really have to question this undying “love”. In society, if you murder, steal, or do anything that society deems “wrong”, you are sent to prison. After you serve your prison term, and possibly pay a few fines, you have the wonderful opportunity to pick up where you left off, and continue on your path of life. In God’s eyes, you don’t get this wonderful opportunity to redeem yourself. You say one foul thing against Him, and you’re festering, boiling, and writhing in an eternal torment with no end in sight. Is this truly a fair, just, and loving God? No. This is a foul, spoiled brat demon king.

Not only do we have this foul, spoiled brat demon king, but we also have His puppet, the prince of darkness himself. Yes, Satan is truly the puppet to God. At any point in time, God could destroy Satan with one all-mighty blow, yet He chooses not to. Why does a “loving” God choose to keep such an evil being by His side? In all reality, when God chose to keep Satan around as some form of pet, He ultimately gave up all validity of being truly “good”.

Ultimately, threatening an atheist with Hell, is like threatening a wall with a menacing glare. I, and many atheists, stopped believing in Hell long before we stopped believing in any God. The threats of Hell only prove to me one thing, that the whole concept of God, Heaven, and Hell are completely flawed, and this flaw only furthers the proof that man is the creator of God. The threats also prove that, if Hell does exist, we will be seeing you and your arrogant prideful wrath down there with us.


2 Responses

  1. The layout of the weblog is absolutely messed up when I look at it in Opera. Plz fix it.

  2. Awesome post tim, it’s been a while since I’ve been on here. I see that nobody has lost their passion. Good to be back.

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