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The True Devil Worshiper

While I touched on peace on my last post, I feel the need to touch base on how Christians in America are disrupting efforts of peace. Particularly the possibility of peace between Christians and atheists.

Being an atheist in America is a tough life choice. Many American Christians feel that they outright own America and insist on excluding anyone that thinks differently than them. Atheists are on the top of this list of those that are excluded, and even ridiculed, mocked, stereotyped, and so on. One of the big stereotypes that the church uses against atheists is that we’re “devil worshipers”. Now, I can go on about how the devil would then be a deity to an atheist, and how an atheist would no longer be considered an atheist, but I will save that for a later post. Instead, I will simply show that the true devil worshipers are the Christians themselves.

It takes only the mind of a child to instill wrath, but it takes a great man to extend his hand in peace, no matter how tough it may be. When Christians begin to stereotype and dehumanize an atheist, or any group for that matter, would they then not be instilling wrath? To top this off, is not wrath a sin in the bible? So, in reality, who is the one listening to, and following the “devil”? I stand as a non-believer in God or any deity, with my hand extended out, and in return I receive only abuse from those that take pride in apparently being from a higher power than me. The only thing one can do, is just stand in awe at the sheer amount of hypocrisy and smugness of the opposing group, and wonder when they will truly learn that they do not, in fact, practice what they preach.

I will finish off with a bit of a disclaimer. I know that not every Christian group follows what is outlined above. If your church does not, I not only applaud at how your church handles itself, but I also encourage you to thank them for not spreading a message of hate.


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