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I’m back! (once again)

I’ve been on hiatus with this blog for months now and have returned. Why? I’ve got too much buzzing around me, and I have built up more confidence and knowledge. Both areas I felt that I was lacking in when I first started the blog back in March.

A few changes will be happening here. This blog will not only be about atheism, but it will also touch on many other subjects that I personally enjoy. This can be politics, video games, music, and even events happening in my own life. Will it be a dominating blog on personal life? No, but it will have some side-track in it just for fun.

I will be keeping this blog rolling no matter what from now on. I feel that even if I do hit upon times where I feel shaky, I just need to press through it all and hope things work out for the best. Granted, that’s the story of my life right there, but I might save that for a future post.


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