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Draw Muhammad Day

*Before you throw a fit, just watch the video. It’s symbol is absolutely amazing, and conveys more than what words can describe.

Draw Muhammad Day has become a great stand point on the internet. Youtube, Facebook, and many other major public forums have been bursting with drawings and ideas that have shook the world of both Muslim and other religious worlds. Out of the thousands of drawings out there, one drawing has stood out more than any other to me. This drawing was done by the Youtube username DarkMatter2525, and beautifully conveys the conflict of both Draw Muhammad Day, and the struggles in the middle east.

This drawing is absolutely amazing and is an amazing symbol to what I personally believe in. If you do not wish to view the video for any number of reasons, I have posted another blog post outlining what the drawing shows, and what the meaning of the drawing is. This post is labeled, Drawing Explained


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