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Drawing explained

So, you decided to not watch the video for some purpose or reason. It is kind of long, I do have to admit that, but it does prove a valid and wonderful point.

The final drawing is that of Osama Bin Laden holding a knife to Muhammad. Now, before you start throwing a childish fit, understand what this means. The main basis of the video is told at the end, when the words, “know your enemy” are displayed. You see, there is a saying that goes, “the bad apple spoils the bunch”. In other words, those that show Muhammad and the Muslim religion as an evil, or vile religion, are the bad apples that make others look bad. Those that decided to raise a fist and burn others make those that are for peace and understanding look bad; in other words the majority.

So, think about who else we can have holding the knife, and who else is the victim. We can easily put the Pope there with Jesus. We can also easily put ex-President Bush there with lady Liberty. Or we could just go hog wild on a million other possibilities. This is more proof that we cannot allow those that turn others into villains become those that sustain power in the world.

Happy Draw Muhammad Day



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