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Confusing the masses with semantics!

A recent flurry online has been to completely change the name of the word “atheist”. I understand peoples’ needs to apply a label to something in order to understand it fully, but to battle over a change of the word “atheist” is near foolish. The term “atheist” can literally be broken down to what the majority of atheists “believe”.

A- Latin root for “without”
Theo- Greek for God

In other words, the word “atheist” means “without [a] God”. Whether you’re skeptical to the belief of a God or other form of higher being, or just a pure non-believer, you can still call yourself an atheist because you are without a God. If you just don’t have an opinion or care about your belief, you’re “agnostic”. If you have a belief in a God, but not one that organized religion follows, you’re a “deist”. Then of course, there’s “Christian”, “Muslim”, “Jewish”, and so on, so forth.

Let’s all stop battling over semantics, and let’s fight the big fish. Pick your label that best fits, and run with it. If you need to explain it further when someone decides to debate, feel free to explain your stand point further, but drop the “bright”, “nihilist”, “non-religious”, “humanist”, and more. All you’re doing is leaving the masses confused and further frustrated.


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