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Welcome to my new blog. In this blog I am primarily focusing on the topic of atheism, the atheism community, and atheism and religion unity. I’m not only doing this blog to spread the ideas of atheism, but to possibly see if there is any way that the atheist and religious communities can co-exist without causing further conflicts.

Many of my highlights will be on personal theory, research, and the inclusion of videos, photos, and much more. I will mainly be the contradicting force against Christianity, as I have the most knowledge of Christian belief since it is the most popular in America. I am not aiming to destroy Christianity, but rather increase the knowledge that Christianity is only a belief that relies on faith, and that faith is something that should not be taken into a headstrong and destructive belief. I am not one to turn a blind eye to the fact that  Christianity and the church can, in fact, do something good. I not only aim to preserve Christianity for those that believe, but also I aim to give Christianity, and many other religions, ideas on how to combat those that make their organizations look bad, and do harm to others.

With all this in mind, I hope that you stay with me on this wonderful journey of ideas and belief. There is so much more that I have to say, and so much more that I have left to pass on to others. Please feel free to bookmark this page, or subscribe VIA e-mail on the right. Let’s all work together to bring both the atheist communities, and the religious communities to peace and understanding.


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